Yoga Teacher Trainings

We offer 20 unique Yoga Teacher Trainings. Join us in our mission to bring the gifts of yoga & mindfulness to youth and families in communities across the world!

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Yoga Teacher Trainings

ChildLight’s 95-Hour Registered Children’s Yoga School (RCYS) was established in 2014 and continues to provide high-quality education while remaining accessible & affordable. Work towards the children’s yoga teacher specialty designation of Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher (RCYT) by enrolling in our Yoga Alliance approved program today!

Yoga Teacher Trainings

ChildLight’s 85-Hour Registered Prenatal Yoga School (RPYS) prepares participants to confidently guide their yoga students through safe & meaningful yoga practices throughout pregnancy and the postpartum period. Completion of this training program leads to Yoga Alliance designation as a RPYT when combined with a 200 RYT.

Yoga Teacher Trainings

Train with ChildLight to earn the Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher designation (RYT) and gain a solid understanding of all aspects of the practice of yoga & mindfulness for adults. Our program includes postures, breathing techniques, meditation, philosophy, SEL, anatomy, physiology, teaching methodology, ayurveda & more!

Yoga & Mindfulness for Children

If this is your first training, start here! This foundational yet comprehensive 18-hour children’s yoga teacher training is designed to provide you with the tools and knowledge needed to share the gifts of yoga with youth 2-12+ years of age.

Yoga & Mindfulness for Children Advanced

This advanced training is open to anyone who has previously completed our Yoga & Mindfulness for Children Teacher Training.  Build and strengthen skills for teaching yoga & mindfulness related concepts while learning dozens of new activities.

Yoga & Mindfulness in Schools

For service providers who have an interest in bringing yoga & mindfulness education into schools. Become empowered to share your gifts in a variety of school contexts, learn best practices for teaching in a school environment, and much more.

Trauma Informed Yoga & Mindfulness for Youth

This two-part training presents information about the types of trauma, neuroscience and physiology of trauma, signs, symptoms & common misdiagnoses, how yoga can be part of the healing process, and how we can ensure our teaching and other interactions with students are trauma-informed.

Yoga & Mindfulness for Diverse Abilities

Learn how yoga & mindfulness can benefit people with a wide range of diagnoses and physical and developmental disorders. Learn developmentally appropriate tools & techniques to facilitate individualized, group, and family programs, as well as posture modifications using chairs and other props.

Yoga for Babies & Toddlers

This training supports early childhood development and the overall contentment & comfort of babies and toddlers through play, song, and yoga-based activities. Incorporate what you learn into your current work with babies and toddlers and learn creative ways for caregivers to bond with their little ones.

Yoga & Mindfulness for Tweens and Teens

Learn about the science of the teenage brain and how mindful movement, breathing practices, community-building games, “mat chats” and more, can support youth between the ages of 10-18 years (G5 and up) in developing skills for lifelong well-being. 

Stress Reduction for Teens

Stress Reduction for Teens through Mindfulness (SRTM) is an evidence-based program. Small changes can have a lasting impact on a tween & teens’ ability to live with less stress. If you work with this population in any capacity, you will not want to miss this training!

EFT for Children and Teens

EFT is an evidence-based practice that involves tapping the energy meridians of the face and body. It has been shown to help with stress, anxiety, fatigue and sleep issues. Learn how to share EFT effectively, and even within the yoga class setting. This training is for adults.

Yoga & Mindfulness for Youth Athletes

This training includes discussion, brainstorming, and a sampling of yoga & mindfulness practices for athletes. Materials include anatomy-focused lesson plans appropriate for sports teams and individualized athletic training sessions.

Yoga for Physical Education Teachers

Yoga is a lifetime physical activity and should be a component of the Physical Education Curriculum. It is something that all students can do, and it is something that all students need. Learn how to implement yoga into your Physical Education Curriculum.

Yoga & Mindfulness in the Preschool Classroom

This one-day professional development training is designed for preschool classroom teachers and support staff. Gain an understanding of the many benefits and how-to’s of integrating yoga and mindfulness-based activities into the class day.

Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings

Practice and share the gifts of Yin Yoga. This 30-hour training covers the benefits and contraindications of Yin postures as well as how to create intelligently sequenced yin lesson plans based on Chinese medicine and meridian theory.

Gentle yoga for Seniors Teacher Training

Teach a comprehensive, well-rounded Gentle Yoga class. This specialty training focuses on the needs of the 65+ population, though, the sequences offered are applicable to all age groups interested in practicing yoga in a gentle & mindful way.

restorative yoga training

This training will equip you with tools for building an at-home restorative practice, incorporating restorative postures into your group classes, and a clear understanding of the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of Restorative Yoga.

In-service Professional Development Workshops

In-service Professional Development Workshops

We offer all of our yoga teacher trainings as professional development workshops, available in a variety of lengths and formats customized to the needs of your school, organization, conference, or private group.