TitlePage Every now and then a book comes along that grabs you, mind and spirit.  Yoga Monkey and the Search for the Prana-Banana by Sophie Fairweather and James Marasa is one of those special books.  The book's hero, a young monkey named Pip, is desperately trying to help his family.  Times are tough in the Monkey Business, and Pip's father is working harder than ever to keep bananas on the table.  Therein lies Pip's dilemma – how can he relieve Father's stress and restore his flagging energy, so the family can be happy together again?  

Pip turns to Grandfather, his wise and peaceful mentor who can be found, every morning, practicing yoga in the garden.  Grandfather tells Pip about prana.  "When we work for all things, not just for ourselves, we are connected to our prana.  Therefore, our work carries much greater meaning and we may be inspired to accomplish extraordinary things." 

And thus, Pip sets off in search of the prana-banana – the magical energy banana that he believes will help his Father.  What follows is Pip's own yoga journey, as he learns about compassion, helping others and connecting to a higher purpose.  This   60+ page book is a fun read for children in grades 2 – 6 and older, and one that parents will thoroughly enjoy reading to their younger children.  Intersperced with Rachel Mindrup's charming illustrations, the story teaches yoga poses while it tells an engaging and inspiring story about what it really means to practice yoga. 

This is one of the best yoga story books we've seen for children yet, and we are delighted to recommend it for children – and adults – of all ages.  Yoga Monkey and the Search for the Prana-Banana is expected to release on December 11th.  The book is just $20.  We can't think of a better yoga-themed holiday gift for a young yogi or yogini. Pre-order your child's copy at www.yogamonkey.com.  We will also offer it  at our online boutique and in our Dover, NH studio, as soon as it becomes available, most likely by Dec. 18th.