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The following individuals are ChildLight certified in one or more specialty areas.

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Please note, ChildLight Education Company cannot confirm that some historically trained over the lifetime of our organization are currently active or not.

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Kristen Soltis-Tyler

Kristen Soltis-Tyler, MD, MPH, DipABLM is a board-certified Family Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine physician. Life experiences led her to discover her passion for bringing a different form of wellness to children and adults through yoga, meditation and mindfulness. During her journey, she discovered she truly came alive when teaching children. She has taught yoga and mindfulness in schools to kindergarten through high school students. Training: RYT 500, RCYT, Mindful Self-Compassion teacher, iRest meditation teacher and trained in the Mindful Schools curriculum.

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Yoga Instructors in Fairfax VA

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