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The following individuals are ChildLight certified in one or more specialty areas.

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Please note, ChildLight Education Company cannot confirm that some historically trained over the lifetime of our organization are currently active or not.

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Lauren Smith

This is Lauren’s 15th year of practicing yoga and working in education. She is currently an education consultant and coach, holds her MAT in Middle-Level education, and prior to consulting she taught Humanities and Personalized Learning in public and private schools across the US. Lauren has also worked with middle and high school athletes as a coach and trainer. She got her certification in Yoga and Mindfulness for Tweens and Teens in March 2020. Outside of education and yoga, Lauren loves cooking, music, and outdoor adventures with her husband and their dog Bessie. Visit her website at www.middlewarrior.com and follow Lauren on Instagram @itsmiddlewarrior

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Yoga Instructors in Plymouth NH

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