Warrior-III-Group-300x225We are excited to share the latest blog post from the Yoga Activist’s Yoga & Our Health column .

The outreach work of the Yoga Activist is centered around building connections between qualified yoga instructors, social service providers, government agencies and communities that have little or no access to the science of yoga and its use as a self-empowerment tool. We encourage you to take a closer look at the work they do in this organization and resources they offer for yoga community, and get as inspired as we are!

Read the full story, contributed by Licensed Yoga 4 Classrooms Trainer Jennifer Mueller, here... Below are the excerpts from her post.

“Among the most often mentioned benefits of yoga for children by their teachers are that yoga:

– relieves tension and stress, something teachers are very concerned about as standardized testing requirements continue to grow,
– increases concentration, focus, and attention span,
– expands imagination and creativity,
– improves ability to be less reactive, more mindful of thoughts, words, and actions,
– builds confidence and self-esteem,
– enhances team skills and social interaction,
– encourages a fit and healthy lifestyle.

(Read Yoga 4 Classrooms’ full list of Benefits of Yoga for Children)

“Teachers who implement Yoga 4 Classrooms usually report that taking as little as 30 seconds to 5 minutes to practice these simple tools throughout the day helps their class community learn to self-regulate, leading to a more positive, peaceful, productive school day…not to mention happier, more resilient students”.

Join Jennifer Mueller on October 27th from 2-8pm at Christ Church on Capitol Hill for the first Yoga 4 Classrooms workshop in Washington, DC.

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Yoga 4 Classrooms is an affiliate of the ChildLight Yoga, with a mission to empower students and educators to create positive, peaceful, productive classrooms that support exceptional learning and a lifetime of health and wellness.

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