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ChildLight has been offering yoga-based workshops for expectant parents, babies, toddlers, kids, teens, adults and families since 2005. Now, you can join us virtually from anywhere in the world!

See a complete list of our Self-Paced Continuing Education Courses here.

yoga-based workshops

Teaching Family Yoga

Join former school counselor, Colleen Smith, for a 2.5-hour Continuing Education Workshop that offers practical suggestions, tips and step-by-step instructions to create and lead interactive family classes for multiple ages and abilities.

Journey Through the Labyrinth: A Mental Health Reset Tool

During this two-hour experiential workshop, we discuss the history, meaning, varieties and benefits of this ancient mindfulness tool. We create and traverse several variations while learning tools and tips to share with all populations in various settings.

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Connecting with Love through Yoga

This workshop will use traditional Sanskrit texts on yoga and related topics as a basis to explore the nature of love, how it relates to our ideas of self, and provide a method for fulfilling this fundamental need to connect. Texts include the Yoga Sūtras, Bhagavad Gītā, Nārada Bhakti Sūtras, and selected Upaniṣads.

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ChildLight Check-Ins!

These check-ins are open to anyone who has attended a ChildLight training and may be seeking support, community & connection. Our highly credentialed, experienced trainers facilitate these meetups and will offer inspirational resources to take with you to integrate into your future yoga & mindfulness classes!

yoga-based workshops

House Yoga To Benefit The ChildLight Scholarship Fund

We have seen a tremendous increase in scholarship requests over the last year. We get it. Things are expensive right now! It has always been important to us to keep our trainings affordable and accessible to all. For this reason, we award approximately $10,000 annually in scholarships. Your donation will allow us to award even more scholarships in 2024!

yoga-based workshops

Yoga & Mindfulness for Youth Lesson Planning Workshop

This two-hour workshop is intended for those who have attended the ChildLight Yoga & Mindfulness for Children Teacher Training and are interested in additional support and practice creating and sharing Lesson Plans for ages 2-12+.