What I See As the benefits of yoga are catching on in schools and community programs all over the United States, Canada and beyond, we're thrilled to see the numerous products available to children who wish to join in the fun.

Janet Williams, a Canadian teacher and yoga instructor and founder of Children's Yoga Books, has created What I See, I Can Be, a book and CD set designed to lead children in a flow of yoga exercises, presented in a storybook format.  According to Williams, "As children learn the yoga names and body movements for each of the postures, they are encouraged to engage their imaginations by visualizing the creative scenes the postures are set in."

The book features Julie and Andy, two children imitating various animal and nature poses, as described in the text.  Fourteen postures are identified and movement instructions are presented with clarity, allowing the child to follow the illustrations from the book, or visualize the scene while listening to the audio CD.   Dog, Tortoise, Drawbridge and Mountain are just a few of the poses included in What I See, I Can Be.

For the teacher or parent who wants to encourage healthy activities in the classroom or at home, a simple guided yoga sequence like this puts the reader at ease, even if they've never practiced yoga before. By reading the book, sharing the pictures, and/or playing the audio CD, he or she can feel confident about leading the practice, because Julie and Andy do all the work!  

Based on my own experience as a ChildLight Yoga instructor and parent, I would suggest this product to children aged 3-8, with an emphasis on use of the book for the younger students.

This product provides a solid introduction to yoga for kids, including the all-important relaxation period at the conclusion of the practice.  It's great to see another wonderful yoga product for children, awakening their young bodies' flexibility, balance and strength, while building mindfulness and focus.  All of these are important for kids to practice, if they are to live long, healthy and balanced lives.

Check out this webpage for some great testimonials touting What I See, I Can Be.  Not surprisingly, it looks like this beautifully illustrated book is making a big impact on children, parents and teachers alike.

In fact, ChildLight Yoga founder, Lisa Flynn, is such a big fan of Janet Williams and her Children's Yoga Books offerings,that she has agreed to conduct a Basic ChildLight Yoga Teacher Training at their location just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, in the fall.  Check the schedule online for details! 

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Please indicate the T-Shirt size you would like to receive.  Sizes are listed on the website.  You can also call to place your order at 905-501-1927. 

For your chance to win a free copy of the new What I See, I Can Be DVD, please tell us what you enjoy most about sharing yoga with your children or students. — Amy Bevan

Amy Bevan is a freelance writer, local reporter and host of The PranaMama, an online wellness and lifestyle magazine, and frequent contributor to ChildLight Yoga's blog, The Kids Yoga Resource, as well as certified ChildLight Yoga Instructor and Itsy Bitsy Yoga facilitator.  Amy resides in South Berwick, ME with her husband and two young children.