Final-cover-art-front Havona Madama is a successful business woman and busy mom of a toddler. It's not always easy to fit exercise or relaxation into her hectic schedule.  When she chose yoga as a fun and rewarding stress-relieving activity to share with her daughter, she was disappointed not to find an appropriate video for her lifestyle.  

"All of the DVDs were targeting either moms and their babies or older kids, who could more easily follow directions. There was nothing for parents to practice with their toddlers," said Madama, who went on to create her own yoga video with the help of renowned yoga instructor and therapist, Khadi Madama.

Tot Yoga provides relaxed and simple instruction on how to bring more yoga to parents whose days are spent with toddlers.  The video is divided into two sections.  The first, a playful yet calming practice where children either play nearby or participate with their parents, shows how a child's natural movements and playful nature can inspire a unique and imaginative yoga experience for the family.  Animal poses and other familiar symbols of nature engage the children just long enough for their parents to warm up while enjoying the company of little ones. 

The second part of the practice video targets the adults when their children are resting.  Khadi leads a small group of adults through some very basic poses to stretch and tone the legs, arms, back and abdomen.  The poses consist of several standing asanas, such as triangle, revolved triangle and warrior, and then moves to the floor for seated work.  At the conclusion of the practice, there is a visually meditative portion, in which the students are shown resting in savasana pose. 

If you are a devoted yogi seeking detailed instruction and deep meditation, this is probably not the video for you.  If you are the parent of a toddler aged 10 months – 3 years looking for a fun and interactive way to include yoga in your day, look no further.  

“The toddler years are an extremely stressful time for both children and their parents," Madama continued. “This new video provides much-needed stress relief by redirecting the toddler’s energy and helping parents fit exercise back into their busy schedules. It also offers important bonding time for parents and children.”

Watching the DVD with my own busy two-year-old, he delighted in imitating a young girl rolling on her back like a panda.  We both smiled as he exclaimed "Woga!" and pointed excitedly at the screen.   As the exhausted parent of a toddler who could use a bit of stress-relief myself, I would recommend this video for inspiration and beginner yoga instruction for all ages.  — Amy Bevan