Paulette D.

“This training will absolutely make me a better therapist which translates to a more effective therapist. My teens will experience less suffering. If that isn’t worth it then I don’t know what is.” Paulette D.

Karen C.

“Inspiring, uplifting, fun are just a few words to describe ChildLight Education Company and the trainings they offer. I have completed three different ChildLight trainings and I am so excited to continue learning, growing and developing as a Yoga instructor. I...

Karen S.

“WOW – This has been such an informative two days. Every teacher should attend ChildLight’s Trauma Informed trainings. In fact, every community leader, preacher/priest, counselor, etc. should attend these trainings.” Karen S.

Kids Can Groove

“Willey’s approach to songwriting and her passion to encourage kids (and grown-ups) to find beauty in themselves is ever-present.” Kids Can Groove

Michelle S.

“ChildLight has mastered the art of presenting their trainings in a way that you leave feeling more whole and connected to others and more excited about what you do.” Michelle S.