MYA Sitting down to write this product review on Musical Yoga Adventures, the 2006 children's music and movement CD created by Linda Lara and Suzy Frank, gratitude fills my heart as I consider the variety of high-quality yoga products available to children today.

It's amazing how beautiful, yet different, each of these books, posters, CDs, videos, and other items can be, as they were all created on basically the same premise – to make yoga and physical activity more fun and exciting for kids.  Musical Yoga Adventures is not only pleasant-sounding, fun and inspiring for anyone interested in yoga play, but the variety of musical styles, professional singers and an online practice guide make the album unique in the marketplace. 

From the first few notes of track one, Sun Dance, I knew this CD was special.  The upbeat rhythm and impressive voice of Denise NeJame instantly transformed me to our Little Family class a few weeks back, when Miss Lisa led the class in a game of listening as the song instructed our every move.  The next track, an affirmation rap, was hip without being dorky, and I can easily picture older kids reaching a little bit further and sitting up a little bit taller during a class where this was streaming through the sound system.

The next several songs follow a similar tune and chorus, as all center around Tree Pose with variations for each season.  These songs allow plenty of opportunity for practicing tree pose, a challenging balance pose which kids love.  With Autumn Tree, Snowy Tree and Springtime Tree, kids will enjoy balancing for the duration of each chorus.

The final theme-based songs provide longer lessons with more individual poses.  Kids of all ages love it when you bring animals and nature into the yoga studio or classroom, and these songs titled Swimmin', Jungle Adventure, Butterfly and Snow Angel provide a wonderful visualization for children to follow as they stretch and strengthen with yoga.

As each song includes an accompanying movement sequence online at musicalyogaadventures.com, parents, teachers and other professionals working with kids can learn the routine, then teach while the music guides the group.  It's a very nice way to introduce yoga slowly, especially as instructors may not feel comfortable teaching the practice themselves.

The nearly final relaxation song, along with seven other instrumental tracks, provides a terrific mood for practicing the recommended sequence or whatever poses the child or group wishes to perform. Namaste is a sweet tune with explains the loose translation of the indian greeting, "I honor you."  This is an important word in our classes, as every class ends with a bow and greeting to one's classmates.

Musical Yoga Adventures would make a wonderful addition to your children's yoga library.  The music is high-quality, the online sequences make learning the poses easy, and children will love the variety of tempos and styles recorded here. 

Musical Yoga Adventures is available for $16 in the ChildLight Yoga Boutique

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 — Amy Bevan

Amy Bevan is a freelance writer, local reporter and host of The PranaMama, an online wellness and lifestyle magazine, and frequent contributor to the ChildLight Yoga Blog, The Kids Yoga Resource, as well as certified ChildLight Yoga Instructor and Itsy Bitsy Yoga facilitator.  Amy resides in South Berwick, ME with her husband and two young children.