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Caring for a newborn may seem daunting enough, but adding a new business can take things up a notch. The good news is that with sufficient planning and organization, you can achieve all your parenting and entrepreneurship goals in one go. Balancing obligations will be the way here – here are some essential tips to get you set up for success.

Develop Your Routine

According to Fast Company, a set routine can improve your productivity, discipline, focus, and patience. You need all of these values for your business and parenting journey! To set up your routine, begin by listing essential tasks you need to complete each day. You can set up a loose schedule around the non-negotiable elements, such as feeding time, sleeping time, tax season, and more. Investing in a good journal and planner can also be very helpful, as you’ll get a bird’s eye view of your tasks and responsibilities, which will help you stay organized.

Set Up Your Space

Having separate spaces for your most important tasks will help your different work and family. For example, it is ideal to work out of a dedicated office space so that you’re in work mode when you’re at your desk. Set up this space with ergonomic furniture, storage for essential documents, and some comfortable furniture to lounge or entertain clients in. When setting up a room for your baby, ensure it is close enough or in your office space so you can look after your newborn. You should have a feeding station and nursing area handy so that you can look after your needs, and your baby’s in one go. Make sure your office and baby room are tranquil, relaxing environments – you will need all the peace you can when it comes to this stage in your life. You can create a great home environment by painting your space in soothing colors, lighting candles, and having white noise playing in the background.

Don’t Forget About Traditional Marketing Methods

Social media and email marketing are an essential part of promoting your business, but don’t neglect more traditional methods. For example, using flyers allows you to target a specific audience with your message. You can also distribute flyers in high-traffic areas, which means that more people will see your message. Additionally, flyers are relatively inexpensive to produce, so they can be a cost-effective option for small businesses. You can easily design unique flyers with a free flyer maker which allows you to access a huge library of templates, fonts, and images to create your flyers.

Invest in Accounting Software

While accounting may not be the most glamorous business task, it is undoubtedly essential. Sound accounting practices can help keep you organized, ready for tax season, and prepared for financial pitches and funding presentations. Ensure your finances stay organized with invoicing software that can save you keeping accurate books and get paid quickly. The perfect software will give you alerts when customers look at its pay invoices, offer scheduled invoices for recurring payments, and online payment functionality.

Document All the Milestones

Between business and baby, there will be many important milestones along the way! First laugh, first employee, first successful pitch, first successful sleep… the list goes on and on. According to Columbia News, most tend to breeze past these small moments and get caught up in the negatives or difficult moments. Instead, be sure to document all these milestones (both big and small) so that you can look back on your memories with fondness.

Your friends and family might assume that launching a business and welcoming a new baby isn’t possible. This is your time to show them how it’s done! Taking it step by step and celebrating the small wins along the way will help; when you look back on this particular time, you will be in awe of all your past self has accomplished!

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Written by Amanda Henderson

Amanda Henderson is both a mom to two rambunctious boys and a preschool teacher, so she knows from experience how quickly a situation can become unsafe. She created and writes for Safe Children to educate parents on how to keep their children safe while also having fun.