Shantig_dvd_coverAs a parent, yoga student, kids' yoga instructor and contributor to The Kids Yoga Resource, I've seen and used many kids' yoga products, including books, cards, DVDs and music.  Of all the products I've sampled, The Shanti Generation DVD is the first one to demonstrate accurate yoga poses, breath control and relaxation techniques, without treating the audience like, well….kids!  

Shanti Generation – Yoga Skills for Youth Peacemakers is smart, informative and cool, with five comprehensive asana sequences, a library of poses, and separate portions on breathing and meditation.  Shanti Generation Co-founder and creator , Abby Wills leads the students in on-camera introductions and off-screen instruction.  You won't find bright colors, pop music or a bubbly tone here. Wills' approach is calm but serious, and the camera's focus on the student (not the instructor) connects the at-home viewer to the peacemaker's experience.  

The Shanti Generation DVD is as comprehensive as any yoga DVD I've seen.  I really appreciate the introductory explanations to each chapter, as Abby respectfully speaks to her pre-teen and teen audience in a tone that could be heard in any adult studio class.  The students on screen describe their individual connection to yoga in a special chapter called "Meet the Peacemakers," a particularly important feature for teaching the benefits of yoga to this age group.   

Although the asana sequences at times move fast, and perhaps don't explain every pose in detail, any teen can follow this DVD and will easily learn the techniques with repetition or the help of a more experienced yogi, teacher or parent.

In a market saturated by younger kids' yoga products, it's a treat to find an enticing and valuable yoga resource for this age group.  Ms. Wills calm yet present voice and her ability to connect with the audience provides the perfect opportunity to build healthy habits and life-long wellness among older kids.  — Amy Bevan

Shanti Generation – Yoga Skills for Youth Peacemakers is available in ChildLight Yoga's Boutique.