I was never keen on at-home pampering until COVID-19 hit. Suddenly, professional pedicures, floating and massages were no longer available. This is clearly a first world problem and I realize how privileged I am that these services were ever a part of my regular life pre-pandemic. But without built-in self-care routines already in place at home, I found that as the weeks and months of quarantine passed, I was really starting to miss my typical self-care dates.

I started out by making a list. I thought of all the things I liked to do outside of my home that made me feel nourished, balanced and cared for, and then brainstormed on how to bring those services into my home. I just had to shift my perspective a little!

Before trying any of the pampering options below, I strongly suggest a Screen Detox. It is necessary for successful unwinding. Screens are stressful and distracting. If this feels scary to you, try giving your phone to a loved one and have them hide it for the duration of a short pampering session. I bet you’ll appreciate the break so much that over time, maybe you’ll try taking a break from screens for a whole day!

While you are engaging in any of the activities below, consider diffusing calming essential oils at the same time. Lavender is always my go-to oil for creating calm, and there are literally hundreds of other options! Shop here: https://www.doterra.com/US/en/site/alyshapfeiffer

Now, on to my Top 5 At-Home Self-Care Practices:

  1. Spa Mani/Pedis - I am amazed to say I never did this for myself pre-pandemic. Now I’m a pro! All you need is a few of your favorite colors, a quick drying top coat seal and nail polish remover so you can do it all again next week! Make it more spa-like with this foot bath.
  2. Charcoal Clay Face Mask – I never took the time to try out different soothing / healing masks. After much experimentation, the winner is this kaolin clay detox facial mask. It achieves a fresh, healthy glow and minimizes the appearance of visible pores.
  3. Neck/Back Massager - My neck and shoulder blades seem to require constant attention due to sitting at a desk all day, frequent toddler carrying, a long ago car crash, etc., etc., etc. There are so many massagers like this one on the market but I was shocked by just how much I love my Naipo
  4. Hammock Star Gazing – Amazon can’t guarantee visible stars where you are, but this hammock has been a self-care game changer for me. Taking a short swing during my daughter’s nap time or slipping in just before bed to marvel at the night sky has made a tremendous difference in my overall mood and outlook on life, especially during this challenging time full of unknowns.
  5. Yoga Nidra – aka, Yogic Sleep, leads the student through a guided meditation in a restful position. The goal is to leave the practitioner with a sense of wholeness. Whenever I’m having trouble falling asleep these days due to my mind racing through daily stressors, pandemic concerns, navigating the best way to teach my children about the BLM movement, etc.,Yoga Nidra somehow works every time! 

I hope these self-care ideas spark joy for you! Please add your at-home pampering ideas in the comments section of this post!

With gratitude,

Megan Ridge Morris
Co-Owner / Marketing Director / Trainer
ChildLight Education Company, LLC

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