Toddler Yoga Lesson Plan



If you have the opportunity to teach a toddler yoga class but don’t have any formal training, or, if you have attended ChildLight’s Yoga for Babies & Toddlers Teacher Training but still need some support to teach a toddler yoga class, this 49-page class plan is for you. This plan includes a teaching script, concise instructions on how to teach each movement and activity, helpful infographics, benefits and cautions for each posture, valuable childcare care tips, specific alignment cueing for the caregiver portion of the class and follow-up resources to share with families.

What People Are Saying…

“I love how you have formatted this lesson. It’s a great resource even if you have the manual and even if you’ve done the training. It provides a clear template from which to branch off and makes sure that you build in repetition and routine. I love the easy access to information about the benefits of the pose, options for cueing, and a quick visual reminder. As I build a library of sequences for the various forms of yoga I enjoy teaching, I love that this template provides a quick synopsis for me to follow, all in one place. I don’t teach Baby Yoga every week and when I do want to pull out a lesson, this will be a quick, easy way for me to bring a solid class to my parents.

Thanks for developing all of these easy-to-access resources. They are visually pleasing, easy to follow and they are little nuggets of gold to keep us on track.” ~ Brenda N.

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