ChildLight Yoga Teacher Training is an incredibly fun, interactive and educational experience, with a passion for yoga and a love for children at it’s core.

Cly 1ChildLight Yoga Teacher Training is an incredibly fun, interactive and educational experience, with a passion for yoga and a love for children at its core.

Owner of Spiral Tree Yoga & Wellness in Portland, ME shares her recent experience at the training on her blog:

“With an amazing group of women I was fully immersed into playing like a child, seeing the world from a child’s eyes, and from a ‘tween and teen-like’ perspective.

We gave gone through so much laughter, joy, play and yoga, breath and mindfulness that felt so so light and free. I’m ready to take what I have learned into the world and share not only with children but also with all my students who all will benefit from these tools that were presented to me.
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Some of my lessons:
■laughing feels so good
■don’t take life super seriously all the time, allow for more play
■I’m forever a student and I love that
■be lighter on myself
■how much I value sense of community again and again
■when I trust the universe amazing thinks happen
■how grateful I am for everything and yoga
■yoga introduced to children can change the vibrations of the planet

On a side note, I recommend this training to anyone: yoga teachers, educators, teachers, and parents who would like to share yoga with children or adults, or just simply for yourself”.

Here is a few more testimonials from ChildLight Yoga Teacher Training attendees:

“I learned so much and was left with every tool imaginable to study and explore yoga for children… It has impacted my classroom teaching, and my overall attitude and philosphy have changed so much…Thank you so much for this incredible gift. I feel profoundly changed.” – E. J.

“This was one of the best trainings I’ve ever been to! I’m excited to carry over what I’ve learned into real life.” – M. G.

“It was fun to play with other adults. I think the poses, songs, games, classes were amazing and I can’t wait to share them with my community. I think I have all of the resources and more to start teaching.” – C.M.



Feel inspired to bring yoga and mindfulness practices to children in your community?

Join us during one of our next training weekends in NC, PA, ME, MA, NH, VT, OH, PA, WI, AZ, DC area and more 

Also, learn about the ChildLight Yoga Teacher Training LEVEL II! ChildLight Yoga instructors who seek to build and strengthen their skills for teaching yoga and yoga-related concepts to children ages 2 – 12 will delve deeper into their techniques for teaching, while learning dozens of new activities. Let us take you to the next level in your kids yoga certification!