Wow, it's been so long since I last blogged on. I want to let you know all the exciting things happening with ChildLight Yoga! We are growing and evolving, just like our ChildLight Yoga signature flower logo. I envision our flower logo as an ever growing and ever changing, dropping petals and replacing them with others which are stronger and wiser. This is the metamorphosis that I've experienced in my own personal yoga journey. (For those on a yoga journey, you know what I'm talking about!) Our local team of 7 instructors continue to evolve and learn right along with our company. The beauty is that we all have the same basic intentions – to share yoga with children in our community, introducing them to a healthful and beneficial way to grow and evolve throughout their life. What a gift! ChildLight Yoga has now also now trained over 250 others via the weekend-long ChildLight Yoga Teacher Training. I'm so thrilled to announce that more than 1/3 of those who attend the CLY TT have been inspired to continue on to become certified. It's a process – not a tough one, but one that requires teaching and reporting on teaching experiences. Thank you and congrats to all of the newly certified ChildLight Yoga Intructors, all 70 of you so far, an amazing group of individuals doing wonderful work with children in communities in PA, RI, SC, NH, VT, British Columbia, Mexico, WA, ME and NH, among others. (See who they are on the Instructors page at www.childlightyoga.com!). Thanks to you all, our supporters and friends for reading this and sending us continued strength and focus to continue on this incredible path. Namaste and hugs, too.

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