The moving process is often chaotic with so much to do, keep track of, and plan for. Add children into the mix, and the stress level increases. For those of you who are planning to move your family into a new home, take it slow and plan out each step of the process to help feel less stressed along the way. If you need help figuring out where to start, we’ve outlined a few of the simplest ways to keep stress levels low while moving with children.

Have A Conversation

One way to alleviate stress in not only yourself but also your children is to have an open conversation about moving. Explain to your children why you are moving and what life will be like for them in their new home such as what school they are going to, if they will already know anyone at their new school, what the town will be like, and what their new house will be like too. The more information you can give your kids ahead of time, the better they will be able to process the change and have an easier time adjusting to the move.

This also creates the opportunity for your kids to ask questions. Children often become frustrated or stressed out when they simply don’t understand what is going on, so take time to clarify anything your children are still curious about.

Sort Out Financial Details Ahead of Time

Get the financial aspect of moving figured out as soon as possible so that when it comes time to move, you have one less thing to worry about. There are many moving parts when transitioning to a new home and the financial burden can be great.

One of the most time-consuming and nerve-wracking financial details is getting approved for a mortgage. If you have the opportunity, get started on this process early to help take some work off your plate. Getting preapproved for a mortgage can make the home shopping and buying process much more efficient, as you will know what you can afford right from the get-go. Then, once you’ve found the perfect home, you’ll be able to close the deal and move in much faster.

Next, figure out the cost of movers or renting a moving truck if you need, and prepare your moving budget accordingly. Don’t forget boxes and storage containers to help keep your belongings organized. If possible, paying for those expenses up front will help alleviate any last-minute financial stress.

Let The Kids Help

A great way to take some of the work off your shoulders is by getting your kids involved with the packing process. Let them pack up the things that are most important to them so that they know exactly where they are and can easily unpack them once in their new home. This will help them get acclimated a bit faster as well. Not only will your children feel good about helping out with the moving process, but you will have a few less items to worry about and keep track of while preparing for your move.

Make Time For Fun

Moving as a family can be a stressful experience for everyone, so be sure to prioritize everyone’s mental health by carving out time for fun. Let your kids have one last run around their old house before you close the doors for good. Go for one last walk around the neighborhood to reflect on fond memories, or take the kids to their favorite local playground to get out any extra energy. Making time for fun in your old neighborhood will help your children feel closure about moving on from this chapter of their lives.

Take time to explore the area around your new home as a family and make a fun experience out of it. This can help you blow off steam as the parent in charge of the whole process, and allow your kids to feel better about the major change they are experiencing. Your kids can scope out some fun spots around their new home and get excited about the new memories they will make there.

Another crucial way to keep stress levels low is to integrate practicing mindfulness in your daily routine. By being mindful, you can be present in the moment and you’ll be more likely to have the ability to deal with anything that comes your way during the moving process. Yoga is one of the best methods to practice having a clear and peaceful mind. There are many different ways to find mindfulness in yoga so don’t be afraid to get creative and try something new. Yoga can be done individually or with the whole family, making it a fun way to encourage healthy habits during stressful times.

Ask For Help

If you are fortunate enough to have friends or family close by, don’t be afraid to ask for their help. Especially if your children are very young and unable to assist, having a few more hands on deck will surely make your moving process a little less stressful. Be sure to express your gratitude to those who offer to help by possibly cooking a meal for them in your new home or promising to return the favor if one of your loved ones moves in the future.

Moving to a new home with children can be stressful, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. Take the time to plan and have fun with the process, and keep in mind that over time, you will begin to feel comfortable and relaxed in your new home.