As yoga is gaining popularity and acceptance in school settings, more and more educators, school counselors, psychologists and therapists are joining the movement. Here is what some of them are saying:

is enriching mine and ALLLL the students' lives to NO END. I am
currently in LOVE with the Content Class.  Amazing, amazing stuff. I
cannot stress enough how many kids are just soaking this material up, on
such deep levels”. -S.A., Licensed Y4C Trainer

“The Y4C training
has changed my life! The program is user-friendly, organized and most
importantly FUN! I'm honored to be a part of a team of such
compassionate and knowledgeable people making such a difference in the
world!” –K.M., Licensed Y4C Trainer

thinking of it as an investment in my future. That is actually a good
price for all the hard work, creativity, time, and money that went into
creating it…and you're basically handing it all over to us". Z.K.,
Licensed Y4C Trainer

What is Yoga 4 Classrooms?

Yoga 4 Classrooms®
is an evidence-based, low-cost, simple, effective and sustainable tool
designed for classrooms, which facilitates students’ physical, mental,
emotional and social personal growth.

Yoga 4 Classrooms components include:

Professional Development Workshops
by Licensed Y4C Trainers, these one-day workshops are open to all
classroom teachers, administrators, school counselors, phys ed teachers,
therapists and others seeking to integrate simple, beneficial yoga and
mindfulness techniques into the class day. Upcoming workshops 
location being held in: Washington, DC (Sat, Oct 27),  Charlottesville,
VA (Mon, Oct 29), West Chester, PA (Sun, October 21; Sun, November 18;
Sun, Devember 16), Perkasie, PA (Tue, Nov 6), Raleigh, NC (Sat, Nov
10),  Dover, NH (Sun, November 11), Portsmouth, RI (Sat, Dec 1),
Burlington, VT (Fri, Jan. 4), and more!

 See all dates and location here.

Though there is no replacement for an in-person workshop format, those who are unable to a workshop on location may utilize our online, video-based self-study format.

Become a Y4C School
by Licensed or Schoolsite Trainers, Yoga 4 Classrooms involves four key
components that work synergistically to ensure program success and
sustainability in schools:
Staff Development Workshop
Classroom Residency
Parent Education
Adult yoga classes for school staff offered on-site

Yoga 4 Classrooms Activity Card Deck
Serves as an invaluable supporting resource for classroom teachers.

What is a Y4C Trainer?

4 Classrooms Trainers are qualified individuals (typically yoga
teachers, school counselors, pediatric therapists, health and other
educators), specially trained to share the Yoga 4 Classrooms program in
their own communities.

There are two Trainer Intensive Track options. Please read the detailed description of both tracks to determine the best fit for you.

1) Licensed Trainer Track:
track is designed for yoga teachers or other qualified individuals who
are not a member of a school staff, and are seeking a license to share
the professional development workshop in their own communities, and to
bring the Y4C program to multiple schools. Trainer Intensive is 3 days
(approx. 27 contact hours) and includes a comprehensive overview of the
background and development of the program, review of supporting
research, participation in a public Y4C Professional Development
Workshop, review of the workshop curriculum, and thorough review of the
10-week classroom residency curriculum. Business practices, marketing,
and instruction and materials needed for bringing the program to the
schools in your area and beyond will be covered, as well as how best to
provide schools with the means to finding funding for the program.
Training will culminate with practice teaching and casual testing and
evaluation. Ongoing support is provided via monthly conference calls,
group sharing and mentoring.

Steps to Becoming a Licensed Y4C Trainer:

2) Schoolsite Professional Track:
track is designed for school counselors, educators, therapists and
other professionals who work in a particular school setting and wish to
share the workshop and residency curriculum (works well as guidance
curriculum) with their own staff and students. 2.5 day training
intensive. Learn more.

Trainer Intensive Dates at
ChildLight Yoga Studio, Dover, NH

November 10 – 12
(Veteran's Day Weekend, Sat-Mon, utilizing the Monday holiday)
March 1 – 3 (Fri-Sun)
See schedule details.

Interested to learn more about sharing yoga in the classroom?

The Green Teacher Magazine recently published a our article about Yoga in the Classroom as the lead feature in their Fall issue. The article focuses on practical aspects
of implementing yoga and mindfulness curriculum right in the classroom,
tips for teaching, sample sequences, as well as offers an overview of
pertinent research and educational theory developments.

You can access the full article, reprinted with permission, HERE.