Parentchildhug To encourage my students to share what they've learned with their families, I like to end each session with what ChildLight Yoga refers to as a 'Sing and Share Show.'  Typically, the 'show' involves a demonstration of several poses, perhaps even a vinyasa, a question and answer session, and sometimes a song or two.  It's always inspiring to see how much the children have learned during our time together, and the pride they have in their accomplishments.  It's also wonderful to see how that learning touches the hearts of their parents and other close relatives whom I have the pleasure of getting to know over time.  After wiping away a tear at a recent share show, one parent said, "Thank you for inspiring my child to grow, share and connect."  Ah, just what yoga for kids is all about…

The next time you need a simple, touching 'performance song' (think end of summer camp, final class of a session, etc.), try If I Were, from the I Grow With Yoga CD, sung by our friend Sammie Haynes.  It's most appropriate for ages 2.5 – 11 years or so.  Best part is you can change the poses out to be whatever you'd like!

19-If I Were

Here are the lyrics and movement cues, as well:

If I Were (written by Lisa Flynn, music/performance by Sammie Haynes)

If I were the sun, (reach up)

I’d shine down on you. (fold forward, reaching for toes)

If I were a rose bud, (hands behind ears, elbows touching in front)

I’d open for you. (stretch the elbows out wide)

If I were a puppy, (down dog)

I’d wag at you. (lift one leg and shake) 

But since I am a child, (hold one hand down, palm facing floor)

I’ll sing for you.  (bring hand to mouth, then away)


If I were a star, (star pose)

I’d twinkle for you.  (rock from side to side, from one foot to the other)

If I were a penguin, (heels together, toes out, hands at sides, fingers out)

I’d waddle to you.  (‘waddle’ in place.)    

If I were an eagle, (eagle pose)

I’d soar to you.  (stretch out arms and legs to ‘soar.’)

But since I am a child, (hold one hand down, palm facing floor)

I’ll sing for you. (bring hand to mouth, then away)    

And since I am your child, (point to self, to parent, then palm to floor)

I’ll give you hugs too!  (hug self or run to parent to hug!)



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More songs like this and hundreds of other tips and ideas are shared as part of the ChildLight Yoga Teacher Training.  There are several scheduled around New England (and PA) this winter.  Come join the fun!