On occasion, our pregnant clients go in for their 36-week check-up and are surprised to learn that their baby is breech.

“Breech” is when a baby is in a bottom-down position close to the estimated due date. If a baby is not head down by 39 weeks, this typically results in a scheduled c-section. Most OBs and midwives are not willing to take the risk of delivering breech babies due to the risk factors associated with it.

However, a baby may flip to a head-down position just in time for labor (or even shortly after labor begins!), even if the pregnant person doesn’t do anything. Keeping calm is the most important practice a pregnant person can commit to in their final weeks leading up to birth.

All that said, here are some proactive measures one can take to attempt to flip a breech baby:

1. Sit in a warm bath and put an ice pack on the top of the belly. The baby will want to move away from the cold and go head down. This is a super reliable, non-invasive technique!

2. Check out The Miles Circuit. The whole purpose of this circuit is to help encourage ideal baby positioning for fast-progressing labor, so it certainly can’t hurt to do it a few times a week in the last month.

3. Try downward dog, dolphin, cat/cow, child’s posture, and legs up the wall. These forms of movement and positions could possibly encourage a flip, and they are all great labor prep postures!

4. Find a chiropractor who specializes in “The Webster Technique.” These docs are trained to work with optimal pelvic balance during pregnancy. If your alignment is out of wack, this can certainly affect baby positioning.

5. See an acupuncturist specializing in “moxibustion” specifically for encouraging a breech baby to flip. This involves the indirect burning of a moxa cone on the outer part of the pinkie toe. There are a few studies that suggest this treatment may be effective.

Did you have a breech baby that eventually flipped in time for labor? Share your story and what worked for you in the comments!

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