The children of Haiti need us.  They always have, but after the recent catastrophic devastation in the region, it's truly critical.  ChildLight Yoga is blessed to be connected with many wonderful people doing great works in Haiti.  Following is a letter from Heather Warr, one of our local CLY Instructors.  Another note follows from a personal friend here in S. Berwick.  Both include requests for donations or item contributions via respective organizations.  The needs of these children are URGENT.  Please do consider donating TODAY. My children and I are headed to the Dollar Tree to stock up on antibiotic ointment and other supplies to be dropped off later today to Amy Miller's home in S. Berwick.  Read on…

Haiti Children From Heather Warr, CLY Instructor:

Dear Friends,

My sister and her husband helped start a medical clinic in a little town 3 hours north east of Port au Prince called Juampas. They have been going with their family about 3 times a year for five years or so. Needless to say, they are quite connected to the people there. They sponsor two young men who are going to school in Port au Prince. Since communications are down, no one can get through to find out who is dead or alive. There are many people still alive and trapped under the rubble. 100,000 people are feared dead at this point in time.

Haiti is considered a 4th world country and this devastation will affect the entire country not just Port au Prince. My brother in law ( a pediatrician) is preparing to go to Haiti within the next few days. Holly and I are very worried for their safety re: mudslides and violence.  They'll be going in through the DR and working from there traveling to Juampas for one night. My cousin from Seattle will be joining them in Miami.  They need money, medical supplies, and vitamins.

I've enclosed a link to the foundation that raises money for their village if you are inclined to contribute. Lester is on the board of directors and you can be assured the money will get to the right place, it is a small organization.  Holly and Lester know Marline the founder personally and have stayed at her home on several occasions.

Both of my boys were so affected by this news that they've started fundraising at their schools!  Thanks to all for your thoughts and remember – prayers or sending energy really helps.



HaitiEatingSchool2 Message from Amy Miller of South Berwick, ME:

We are all trying to figure out what to do. Money is needed by every aid organization.

In addition, my friend Jan Carter, medical director for Life and Hope Haiti (www.lifeandhopehaiti.org), has connections to the American Airlines Ambassador International organization, which will send down emergency supplies. Life and Hope staff are planning a trip, with medical support, and are also sending packages with American Airlines. You can drop donations (preferably labeled boxes – "children's clothes" "medical supplies" etc.. ) at my house (Email: sobobooks@earthlink.net or call 207-384-2082 for delivery drop-off address in downtown S. Berwick), or send donations of money or supplies directly to 210 Essex St , West Babylon, NY 11704. Even $5 donation helps pay for delivering supplies.

Supplies and medicines we most need are:

*any antibiotics (even up to five years expired)
*antibiotic ointment
*bandages of all shapes and sizes
*eye drops
*children's tylenol
*children's decongestants
*shoes, socks and work gloves

For more about Life and Hope, see www.lifeandhopehaiti.org

Amy Miller and her family first came across the school during a four-day trip across the border when they were living in the Dominican Republic. Since then, she has made several trips back to Milot and has found her community in South Berwick, Maine to be incredibly supportive of the project.(