Yoga classes for children incorporate breathing, music, yoga postures and stretching, and relaxation, which benefit children both psychologically and physiologically. Especially important for the whole child education is incorporating yoga into a typical school day. 
ChildLight Yoga created new classes held mid-day to assist children who are being homeschooled in taking necessary motor breaks to relieve stress and anxiety during their typical school day.

A new and exciting offering at ChildLight yoga studio in Dover, NH, Homeschool Yoga was designed specifically to complement any homeschool education plan by creating an environment for children to learn vital skills that can be incorporated into all aspects of their life.

In a typical class, children will be guided through age-appropriate exploration of yoga movements and Partner boatactivities that decrease stress and anxiety, and increase focus, concentration skills, community building and self-esteem. 

During each session, ChildLight Yoga teachers will focus on thematic ideas such as peace, respect, gratitude and healthy living, presented at an age-appropriate level, expanding upon them as children become capable of deeper awareness and comprehension.  Exploring these topics will help promote a positive and healthy lifestyle.

Classes end with visual imagery and relaxation, helping children discover the power of quieting the mind and body. Classes integrate relationship-building activities that allow children to mindfully practice compassion, support and respect in their relationships with others.  Recognizing that positive relationships are the result of a positive sense of self, we encourage children to look within themselves to discover their own strengths and gifts. 

 After all, this process of discovering and learning to listen to our inner voice is a foundation of yoga. Helping young children find and trust that voice is at the core of the ChildLight Yoga and Yoga 4 Classrooms mission.

This new program (Homeschool Yoga Discovery (Grades: PreK-2) and HomeschooGroupl Yoga Club (Grades: 3-6) ) is designed to strengthen and stretch the entire musculoskeletal system, balance the nervous system, increase breathing efficiency, improve body awareness, encourage the development of communication and social skills, increase each student’s ability to self-regulate, and provide a fun and engaging experience for the whole family.

Next ChildLight Yoga Homeschool Yoga session starts in January, 2013. All of the sessions are appropriate for children who are new to yoga, as well as for those who are continuing their instruction. For more information and to register, visit: www.childlightyoga.com