I like to read this guided visualization to my students just before Savasana to help them rest a little easier. If you decide to share this with others, take your time with the words. Let each sentence really settle in. You can practice along to the recording here.

“As you rest here, I’d like for you to imagine your most favorite place in the whole world. Maybe it’s somewhere you’ve traveled to before or somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. Maybe it’s a warm, sunny beach or a giant forest with crisp, clean mountain air. Maybe it’s a home that’s sentimental to you.

Imagine yourself in this place at your favorite time of the year. What is the season like here? And then, imagine it is your favorite time of day. Breathe in the air. What is the temperature of the air on your skin? How does the light touch and reflect off of different surfaces? Is there a distinct smell in the air? Imagine yourself walking slowly through this place, your favorite place, noticing all of the little details and savoring your presence here.

Eventually, you find a comfortable place to rest. Imagine yourself taking plenty of time to get as comfortable as possible and then begin to unwind in this spot. Notice which parts of your body touch the support beneath you. Allowing yourself to be completely supported in this safe space. As you rest in this place, imagine that you are free of all the things that no longer serve you. Free of bad habits, free of toxic relationships, and free of tough circumstances. Release all of your limiting beliefs about yourself and the world. And remember that everything you need to maintain a state of peace and contentment is already within. Everything you need to live a life where you lead with love is already within. You are healthy, strong and capable just as you are. Simply be. That is enough. And as you settle into this deep wisdom of inner knowing, begin to repeat to yourself with each breath, “Inhale trust, exhale surrender….Inhale trust, exhale surrender.”

Continue repeating this mantra to yourself, for the next few breaths. Inhale trust, exhale surrender. (Silence for anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute). After your next exhale, release the words. Acknowledge that this sacred place is always available to you in your heart and mind when you need to return to a sense of peace and contentment. And now begin to deepen your breath. Wiggle the fingers and the toes, bringing your awareness back into this space.”

I hope this was of benefit to you! There are so many guided visualizations out there and I encourage you to go find one that resonates with you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.


Written by Megan Ridge Morris / Co-Owner of ChildLight Education Company

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