If the dog is man's best friend, then Dogi the Yogi, a blissful furry friend created by children's author Maria Notarile Scrivan, is a yogini's perfect inspiration.

DogiDogi, a yellow pup with wide eyes and an impressive headstand, introduces a variety of yoga poses to children, ranging from simple shivasana to the more difficult wheel pose.  Kids will delight in his abilities to twist, stretch and bend, not unlike a real dog enjoying exercise for the sheer fun of it. 

Scrivan's images are accompanied by a short, rhyming description of Dogi the Yogi's feel-good practice.  While Dogi demonstrates yoga, various images help children visualize how to stretch their bodies into each individual shape.  A lion, an airplane, a crow and a cobra are just a few of the various poses introduced by Dogi the Yogi.

Vicki, an elementary school teacher from Stamford, Connecticut, appreciates this book as it encourages children to interact with the story.  "This adorable, cleverly illustrated book captures the joy of yoga.  It is a wonderful way to introduce the varied poses in yoga to a young audience."

Michelle, also a Dogi fan, loves the book for its simplicity.  "Its message and illustrations are so simple, happy and peaceful; the way yoga in our lives should be!"  

If you're looking for a simple but fun way to introduce yoga poses to the children in your life, Dogi the Yogi makes a great addition to your library.  –Amy Bevan

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