by Amy Bevan, The PranaMama

Legos GroupNovember is a bittersweet month.  The transition from bright skies and green grass to darker surroundings brings many of us indoors to enjoy a cozy family meal or a good book by the fire.  It also limits our outdoor activities which keep our families healthy, happy and active.

And while Mother Nature has been kind to New England with many mild autumn days, the last leaves have fallen and morning frost has set in.  There is no denying that winter is right around the corner.

Before we know it, snow will fall, and on the ground it will stay.  The icy sidewalks will be treacherous, the wind will whip and threaten frostbite, and the snow-covered playground will be off limits until Spring.

For kids, the white stuff brings joy, especially the first few storms of the season.  But after the excitement wears off, the winter blahs set in, and they’ll need more than snow angels to keep the peace.

Luckily, ChildLight Yoga offers kids yoga classes all over the frozen seacoast!  Winter is a great time to bring the kids inside for 45-60 minutes of healthy fun. They will enjoy the chance to connect with friends, soak up the sun in one of our amazing affiliate studios, and burn some energy with a fun and playful kids’ yoga class.

Where else in New England can your child enjoy a seaside adventure or a visit to the rainforest in the dead of winter?  We offer imaginative class themes and visualizations, where your barefoot yogi will build strength and stamina, improve focus and self-awareness, and melt away stress on a yoga vacation to the tropics.

Whether you playfully participate in a parent-child class, or enjoy a hot cup of tea while your older child practices, your winter will certainly be more bearable with ChildLight Yoga.   For more information, visit www.childlightyoga.com

AmyBevanPhotoAmy Bevan is a journalist and freelance non-fiction writer based in Southern Maine.  She contributes regularly to The Portsmouth Herald, and is the creator of The PranaMama, an online resource for mothers focusing on wellness topics, such as yoga, nutrition and fitness.   Her work has also appeared on Yoga in My School, Raising Maine online, and A Balancing Act, a webzine for writers.