Yoga games, making healthy smoothies, face paining during kids concert in the park, tie-dying camp T-shirts, making eco friendly play dough – those are just some of the activites in our summer camps! Out in the park

First week of Adventure Summer Camps at ChildLight Yoga was a blast! Read what parents are saying below and check out the photos of all the amazing activities kids participated in HERE.

A special last minute registration promotion running through Thursday July 26th as we are planning two more weeks of our summer camps for girls ages 8-13 and children ages 4.5-7.

Register by Thursday, July 26th, and receive $20 off the registration fee – use coupon on registration page: http://www.childlightyoga.com/Summer_Camps_p/summercamps01.htm

July 31-Aug 3: Girls ages 8-13
August 6-10: kids ages 4.5-7

Read what parents are saying about their kids experiences:Parents show (400x300)

"My heart opened up even more yesterday while watching Jack dance, sing, flow through yoga postures, breathe, laugh & connect with his body & others in this beautiful, playful yet peaceful way. He came home & immediately started teaching Sadie, his 2.5 year old sister, about breathing & how to do "Cobra" (you must 'hisssssss" 🙂 ". A.W.


"Lily has been pretending she’s the yoga teacher this afternoon.  She showed Maria Camp 2 (my older daughter) and I down dog and tree pose, then had us lie down for “laxation.”  Then she asked us if we wanted to hear a story.  Here’s how it went: “Once upon a time there was a little boy who just LOVED to cut things.  He’d cut paper, chairs, pillows and even people!”  Maria and I were laughing so hard we got an admonishment for not being “laxed” enough…"

"Lily had the most fabulous time at yoga camp this week.  She was singing the songs and doing the poses each day long after camp was over.  She did a dance camp last week and that was nothing compared to her happiness this week". S.C.

"I love the pictures! It's fun to see what they are doing during their time with you. Olivia is having so much fun at camp this week. She doesn't usually transition well so I have bMaking healthy smoothies (400x300)een really impressed with how well she's done. When I asked her what has made drop off so much more comfortable here she told me the teachers are nice and she feels safe. You guys have done such a wonderful job of creating a calm and comfortable environment for our children. This is Olivia's first camp and it has exceeded my expectations. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful experience. We're looking forward to the last couple days!" N.D.

"Although I've taught and explored with him various postures and breathing techniques, I think it was super special and empowering for Jack to have this experience all to his own. Yesterday, I got to watch him perform in a yoga dance along with the rest of his group and it was truly adorable and awesome! In it, the kids sang about "Radiant Power," stepping into a warrior 1 pose while bring the palms of their hands forward to touch their partners' hands (who were doing the same thing opposite of them). I've always loved these two words together: RADIANT POWER and strongly believe we all possess it within us".A.W.