Sharon opening article picWe are so pleased to spotlight 95-hr ChildLight Yoga Grad, Sharon Marrama! Sharon resides in Lynnfield, Massachusetts and her enthusiasm for teaching children’s yoga is simply CONTAGIOUS! Sharon is a wonderful example of someone who fell in love with the idea of teaching yoga to children, gained the necessary knowledge through training, and then ran with it! Read on to learn more…

How did you find your way to ChildLight Yoga?    

While attending my 200-hour teacher training with Maureen Miller (who is my awesome sister!) at Banyan Tree Yoga in Nashua, NH, I made some lifetime friends.

My sister had asked me to join in her training and I said, "Sure, I'd like to develop my yoga practice…but I'll never be a yoga teacher.” Boy was I wrong.

Sitting at lunch, two of my new friends started talking about kids’ yoga. I turned to them with excitement and said, “What? Please tell me more!”

I had never even thought of this idea, but I knew at that moment that I was going in that direction. They filled me in on all of the details of ChildLight Yoga and when I arrived home that evening, I started my research and registered for my first training. The training was the very next weekend at 02 Yoga in Boston.

I was so happy the first morning of the training and was not disappointed. Actually, it was more than I could have imagined. The entire weekend was like that for me. I completed it with a smile and was full of enthusiasm. I bought all the right props before I left, wanting to be ready to move forward.

Obviously, I was not stopping there. I went home and planned out how I could get my 95-hours in order to become an RCYT (Yoga Alliance Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher) through ChildLight Yoga. Over time, I attended all of the trainings required, loving every one. The knowledge and confidence of the trainers made me feel confident and they gave us so much to work with. To this day, I still use some of those special things we did during the weekends I spent at CLY studio and training center in Dover, NH with Sally, Meg, Ann and Gloria.


Why are you interested in yoga and mindfulness for children? 

I am not exactly sure why I felt so drawn to children's yoga in the beginning, but now I do. It fills my heart to share my love of this material. I leave EVERY class I teach with a smile and I know I am touching lives. They will remember their time with me (maybe not my name!), but, “That yoga lady, she taught me about peace & love & kindness.”

Weaving the philosophy into the lessons is the fun part– living yoga off the mat.


Can you tell us about your overall training experience with ChildLight Yoga? Any special details you wish to share?       

I loved every training. I loved every teacher. I loved every moment.

I loved leaving the trainings with ideas to engage the kids with different games and activities.

I use my chime and breathing ball every class, and when I go to schools the teachers order them too! They are very effective in getting across the simplest of messages.


How are you applying what you learned with your community? What are you passionate about sharing? Sharon middle article pic

I am teaching and sharing at many levels. I offer weekly after school classes at preschools, elementary and middle schools. I also teach these ages at local yoga studios. On the high school level, I teach sports teams as well as bring yoga & mindfulness to PE & wellness classes.

I also enjoy going into classrooms and allowing teachers to see how I offer a class. This allows them to observe and see what WILL work in their classroom.  Once they see how the kids love this, they implement tiny parts during the day as they can.

At yoga studios, I offer Mother/Daughter Yoga, Parent/Child Yoga, Family Yoga, Tween Aromatherapy, Girl Empowerment and Sports Yoga.

Ultimately, I am passionate about sharing peace, love & kindness.


What do you find to be the most beneficial yoga and mindfulness tools for the population that you work with these days?      

The chime and breathing ball. They are simple, easy to use, and the kids love them. That and being your authentic self!!

Sharon Bio PicSharon Marrama is the founder of Here Comes the Sun Yoga, which developed out of her passion to share yoga and its positive message with children and teens. This work inspired her to author two children’s books, x and x (with links). She teaches yoga, mindfulness and meditation at many schools and studios and leads both Children’s Yoga Trainings and Professional Development Workshops for Educators. Upon completion of her 200-hour teaching certification with Maureen Miller and Yoga NH, she continued her yoga and mindfulness education. This has included Coaching Children and Teens at UNH and Mindful Schools Fundamentals. She continues to advance her education and has completed several other certifications that include her 95-hour ChildLight Yoga certification. Sharon also works with various groups, businesses and organizations who wish to implement her teachings into their classrooms and work environment. Sharon received her bachelor’s degree from Salem State University and has made educating herself a lifelong commitment. She wishes to share her knowledge with others by leading workshops and trainings.

Photo credit: Elizabeth Wertz Photography