Despite what many believe, yoga is not just for adults! Childlight promotes yoga for kids. Yoga can instill important life skills in young children, which can put them on the path for success in the real world. In fairness to kids, we understand that they are preoccupied with the day-to-day of school, extracurriculars, and homework. Now more than ever, adults and youth are dealing with severe bouts of anxiety and stress. ChildLight Education Company believes children can reap the same benefits from yoga as adults. The incentives of habitual yoga practice are too good to pass up! For today’s blog post, we will be discussing the benefits of yoga for children.

Improving Memory And Cognitive Functioning

Yoga is a great outlet for improving memory and cognitive function by creating focus within. Practicing yoga requires concentration on the body, brain and breath. Meaning, we pay attention to the movement of our bodies and how our breathing syncs with these movements. Certain yoga poses, more specifically, balancing poses, require a great deal of concentration compared to other poses. Yoga helps children fine-tune their ability to focus on various tasks. In their daily lives, this translates to improved focus and cognitive functioning at school, which can increase academic achievement.

Helps With Social Relationships

Even though yoga is often viewed as an independent activity, there is a social component to yoga that people tend to overlook. Yoga for youth can do wonders for building up their social skills. Unlike adult yoga sessions, kids can expect sessions that include the use of songs, games, and a medley of other activities that get them moving and learning together. A child’s work is play. They are supposed to have fun, talk with one another, and learn to build trust. We are a big advocate for cultivating this positivity in our community!

Getting Better Sleep

We’ve heard time and time again that exercise can be crucial for sending you off to bed the right way. People don’t intentionally forsake a good night of sleep, but the daily stressors of life can make it hard to fall asleep if you are dealing with racing thoughts, fears, or physical ailments. It’s not just something that plagues adults, kids can be affected as well. While children may not be stressed by adult matters such as finances and work obligations, school work and peer relationships can take a toll on their physical and mental well-being. Practicing yoga helps youth to shed this stress by using their breathing to calm the mind and nervous system. The physical aspect of yoga is also beneficial for reducing tension and releasing negative emotions that are often entrapped in their bodies.

Focusing On Strength And Breath Control

Yoga allows you to show up as you are in the moment. When done regularly, the physical and cognitive improvements will gradually begin to take effect. What do flexibility, strength, and mental clarity all have in common? Consistent focus on the breath. When we breathe harshly or too quickly, we increase muscle tension, decrease our focus, and augment our fight or flight response–all of these have drastic effects on our minds and bodies. By learning the appropriate breathing techniques from a young age, it will help with controlling the onset of things like obesity, depression, and other depressive symptoms. Additionally, yoga for kids can help with building up self-esteem, confidence, and overall well-being.

Provider Of Yoga For Kids

ChildLight Education Company believes that mastering the body, brain, and breath connection is a crucial concept to introduce at a young age. Children are always welcome to participate in yoga sessions. To get started with one of our robust programs or learn more about yoga for kids, contact us today!