5717m  Middle-schoolers are a special group of people.  They want to do "grown up stuff," like following their mom to yoga class, but chances are, the moment the adult class begins to chant “Om” in unison, they'll dissolve into a fit of giggles. 

Luckily, there is a perfect yoga resource for these preteen yogis, who want to strengthen their bodies while having lots of fun with their girl friends. 

Bendigirl Yoga is a fun and challenging yoga video, created especially for older kids by yoga instructor, personal trainer and fitness video star Kristin McGee. The 20-minute class sequences warm-up sun salutations, balances, standing poses and floor work, including back bends.  A bonus feature of the video shows various partner poses, especially fun for friends practicing together.

Due to the various ages and levels of development, it's not always easy to reach a group like this.  Kristin makes teaching look easy, as she does an excellent job of leading the girls using traditional yet simple yoga instruction.  Although there is laughter and camaraderie among the group, Kristin encourages each girl to be creative and independent with each pose.  At one point, each student chooses their favorite yoga pose and demonstrates it for her peers and those watching at home.

Replacing the serenity of traditional eastern music is an upbeat soundtrack of pop music, and the lively colored yoga mats create a fun and friendly yoga practice for kids.  

Like all good yoga instructors, Kristin makes all of the students, in her studio and at home, feel at ease with their own practice, continually praising good work and reminding everyone to only go as far as they feel comfortable.  She keeps beginners from feeling discouraged or frustrated during demonstrations of more difficult poses, such as eagle pose, by explaining alternative techniques and encouraging students to keep practicing.  

The Bendigirls' audience will also enjoy watching individual interviews with each girl featured in the video.  The behind-the-scenes feature shows the girls on their journey from Idaho to New York City where the video was filmed and produced.  

I admit, watching this video, I felt inspired to take my own practice down a notch on the "serious" scale.  Everyone can benefit from enjoying fitness and not taking ourselves too seriously!  Thank you Kristin and your beautiful students for this important reminder.  

Whether you are 12, 32 or 72, this DVD is an excellent beginner-to-intermediate, light-hearted yoga practice video.   –-Amy Bevan

See a preview clip of the Bendigirl Yoga video here.

Bendigirl Yoga is available for $15 through ChildLight Yoga by calling 603-781-3323 or you can purchase in our online boutique.