It’s common knowledge that being a mom can be one of the greatest joys in life. You may have chosen to take time off to fully devote yourself to mothering, but now you might be wondering how to rebuild your confidence and focus on your other goals. Thankfully, you can redirect your energy without losing sight of what is important with a few changes. Here are five ways to create self-assurance and get ready to reenter the world.

  1. Start a New Fitness Routine

Whether you live a mostly sedentary life or just want to mix things up, starting a new exercise routine can be the ticket to a renewed sense of self. Not only can you increase your physical strength and health, but exercise can also boost your creativity. Exercise releases a cocktail of feel-good chemicals in your body, and sticking to a routine grows confidence in your ability to accomplish goals.

  1. Upgrade Your Nutrition

It’s easy to fall into the trap of eating unhealthy foods when you are busy and focusing on other things. Empty calories lead you to be tired and change the way your hormones function. Consider counting macronutrients, which means eating a certain percentage of fat, protein, and carbs each day.

  1. Change Your Career

Life after having children can be different, and your priorities may change. For many mothers, it’s the perfect opportunity to switch careers and pursue something more meaningful or more suited to their new lifestyle. Many moms even decide to become entrepreneurs. Starting your own business doesn’t have to be stressful if you get enough sleep, have a good health routine, practice deep breathing and learn your trigger points.

If changing your career means starting an at-home business, consider refinancing the mortgage to help free up funds to pay for items like office equipment, furniture, and software. Interest rates remain quite low, which is an attractive incentive for refinancing. Not only will future monthly payments be lower, but the period for paying off the new loan may be reduced substantially. When it comes time to create a functional workspace, ZenBusiness recommends purchasing an L-shaped desk and purging paper clutter.

  1. Try Meditation 

If you read much about health and stress, meditation comes up again and again as an essential practice. With consistent sessions, meditation grows the parts of your brain responsible for managing stress. It allows your nervous system to calm and changes how your body and brain function for the better. Meditation is an extremely simple practice at its core. Thankfully, all you have to do to begin is sit in a quiet room with your eyes closed and take deep breaths.

If you find that you really like meditating, you can take it a step further and turn your backyard into a relaxing haven for meditation. Leave the tedious work of lawn care to the pros and hire a landscaper to spruce up the space. You can’t go wrong with landscapers, many of whom also provide services like shrub pruning, tree trimming, hardscaping, and installing new fencing.

  1. Know Your Boundaries

Knowing and setting boundaries are critical practices for leading a happy life, according to PositivePsychology.com. It’s best if you take care of yourself first. Then, when others need you, you will be able to bring your best self to the table. Think about what boundaries are most necessary for you. It may be having thirty minutes after you wake up to devote to a morning routine, or it may mean turning off your work emails at night and on the weekends without exception. Find your boundaries and express them kindly and firmly to others around you, and you will have time to dedicate to what you truly need.

Taking care of yourself and becoming familiar with your needs will allow you to step into the world each day with confidence. This will not only lead to you achieving your goals but also feeling great as you do so. Many mothers are uncomfortable setting boundaries and take on more than they can handle. But in the end, you won’t be able to serve yourself or anyone else by doing this. Nurture yourself first, and you’ll be on your way to creating the life of your dreams.

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Written by Marjorie McMillian


Marjorie McMillian has been studying, practicing, and sharing the concept of whole health and wellness since “before it was cool.” She could not be happier with the strides the health and wellness community has made, including the increased popularity and broadening definition of self-care, the de-emphasis on weight loss and its relationship to overall physical health, and the long-awaited welcoming of spirituality in the world of wellness. While she doesn’t share medical advice on her website, comeongetwell.net, visitors will find reliable resources intended to help guide them on their journey to whole health.

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