Yoga, for novice or seasoned practitioners, is a great catharsis for alleviating stress and enhancing your physical well-being. The benefits of yoga speak for themselves, but what happens when you combine mindfulness and yoga? Mindfulness is paying attention to what is happening in the present moment with curiosity and kindness. Whether it’s yoga, washing the dishes, playing a sport, etc., by focusing on your breathing, you can keep your mind from wandering off and stay fully focused on the task at hand. Yoga and mindfulness go hand in hand. As a provider of yoga training, ChildLight Education Company is committed to giving you the tools for mastering mindfulness. Here are 4 ways to find mindfulness in yoga.

Mindfulness in Yoga: Focusing On The Present Moment

As many of us are aware, yoga is not an easy practice. Its mastery is contingent on your personal dedication. Don’t expect to be an expert if you’ve only done a few classes. Like with most things in life, becoming proficient will take time! The first step in channeling mindfulness during yoga is to focus on the present moment. Yoga is so much more than just doing physical postures and stretches. There is a strong emphasis on breathing and relaxation. By shifting your attention to these core elements, you’ll be focused on living in the moment and not everything else on your life’s to-do list. Your yoga teacher will continually guide you with instructions to ensure that you remain fully engaged.

Be Non-Judgmental

Yoga training gives us the chance to evaluate how we are feeling in the present moment. There is no place for ego in a yoga studio. As the saying goes, “check your ego at the door.” It’s not a contest and there are no rankings for determining who’s the best or who’s the worst. Instead, it’s a group of individuals who are making the commitment to rejuvenate the body, brain and breath connection. In fact, this like-mindedness amongst participants can forge some pretty great bonds, since everyone in the group is striving for the same results. By being non-judgmental, it will make it much more feasible to focus on what really matters-shedding your insecurities and embracing your inner strength. 

Learning To Let Go During Yoga 

Even if we are making a conscious effort to be nonjudgmental, it’s not always easy to stay in this mindset. You’re a human being! Thoughts of criticism and adhering to others’ expectations will creep up, and this is totally normal. Yoga gives us the opportunity to practice the art of letting go. Put your attention towards reality. Do not focus on how things should be, according to your personal perceptions, otherwise, you’ll be trapped in endless turmoil. Let go of disappointment and appreciate the work you’re doing to improve! 

Find Your Inner Peace

The body and mind share a connection. Physically participating in yoga allows for flexibility, both physically and mentally. Simply put, it will enhance your mental fortitude for the better. When we can simply block out the noise and chatter from life, it will be easier to get a grip on your mental calmness, composure, and even temper, especially when you’re faced with conflict and adversity.

Mindfulness in Yoga with ChildLight Education Company

ChildLight Education Company will help you on the journey of achieving mindfulness in yoga and other aspects of your life. To learn more about our trainings, contact us today!